Outgoing Fianna Fail TD for Cork, Ned O'Keefe, has warned of a "real possibility" of a military coup in Ireland, just like those seen in recent weeks across the Arab world.

Speaking to the Evening Echo, O'Keefe said "The situation has become so bad that an Army coup is a real possibility.”

O'Keeffe said he blames the Taoiseach Brian Cowen and former Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan for hastening the possibility of a military takeover.

The TD said "“Our political system is going to fail further. The two Brians have made a right mess of the country and I see the real possibility of an army coup. People thought I was mad with all the things I have predicted through the years, but I foresaw the economy collapsing due to lax regulation on building housing estates and unwanted shopping centers.”

Fianna Fail has ruled out a military coup by Ireland's army. Micheal Martin dismissed the suggestion that their polices were so bad that Ireland descend into Egyptian-style instability.

When asked about O'Keefe's comments, or what might be going on at O'Keeffe's constituency's army base Martin said "I do not know what is happening in Kilworth but I don’t see any challenges there. We’ve a great democracy in this country and I think this campaign bears that out."

O'Keeffe said that the heroes of Ireland, including Charles J. Haughey, would be turning in their graves to see how low Ireland has sunk.

He added "So what if Charlie liked nice women and a few extra nice shirts? He was the best leader we ever had."

O'Keeffe will not be running in this election however his son Kevin O'Keeffe is a candidate for the Cork East constituency. He told the Cork Independent that he was shocked by the comments but that his father was his own man.

He said "I’m canvassing now and have no idea what he said…I’ll leave him to his own. I’m shocked. He can shoot away."

Threats were made against Irish people serving in the British armyGoogle Images