A female prisoner had to be rushed to hospital in Limerick – to have a concealed mobile phone surgically removed.

Limerick prison inmate Deirdre O’Sullivan underwent surgery after concealing the phone internally in her vagina.

The 26-year-old from Cork city was rushed to hospital after she told prison officers she had concealed the cell phone ‘internally’ and was unable to remove it.

The petty thief has received a three month sentence for possession of the phone at Limerick prison on March 6th last.

The local Limerick Leader newspaper reports that police officer Michelle Leahy told a Limerick court that O’Sullivan approached prison officers when she was unable to remove the phone.

The prisoner was rushed to the Mid Western Regional Hospital where she underwent surgery to have the mobile phone removed from inside her body.

O’Sullivan’s solicitor Sarah Ryan told the court that her client had lost her privileges at Limerick Prison for 30 days as a result of the incident.

“She lost phone calls and other privileges, such as access to the shop,” said Ryan as she pleaded for leniency.

“It was my client who informed the authorities she was in possession of the mobile phone.”
Judge Eamon O’Brien imposed a three month sentence on O’Sullivan to be served concurrently to the one she is now serving.

Limerick Prison - Deirdre O'Sullivan, a prisoner, had a cell phone removed from her vaginaGoogle Images