The family of an Irishwomen, who was killed on 9/11  has spoke about how getting her Tiffany necklace back from the rubble four years later was a miracle for them.

Joanna Cregan (32) originally from Churchtown in Dublin had been working on the 105th floor of the North Tower as a personal assistant with Cantor Fitzgerald when the first plane hit.

Some of the Irish women’s remains were found months later and  identified by DNA testing. Joanne’s family were surprised to hear that the necklace she had been wearing was located.

The necklace remained intact and the small length of silver chain that remains is corroded and tarnished stiff. But there is no mistaking the signature silver colored bean which also looks like a heart.

Joanne's mother Mary told the Herald: "We don't know how they identified it, but it is very special to us to have it back."

In a photograph of Joanne she is wearing the necklace.

A label stamped PDNY was attached to the jewelry by the authorities who identified the necklace and sent it back to the Cregan family.

"We thought Joanne had been wearing a diamond cross we gave her, but she had left that on her kitchen island the day she left for work," Mary explained.

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Joanna Cregan (32) originally from Churchtown in Dublin was a victim of the 9/11 attacks.