The family of another religious person, a Christian Brother named Gerard Dillon, has claimed that he too was defamed and libeled by the same Irish television program that paid out a record libel judgement to Father Kevin Reynolds. Father Reynolds, now a parish priest in Galway, was wrongly accused of raping a Kenyan teenager and making her pregnant. A DNA test proved he was not the father.

Brother Gerard Dillon, since deceased, was also named and shamed in the RTE Prime Time program after an unsubstantiated allegation was made against him by a South African man.

The now discredited 'Mission to Prey' series carried an accusation from a South African man, Mr Tyrone Selman, that he was abused by Bro. Dillon.

The Irish government has announced an unprecedented inquiry into the Prime Time program while several senior officials at RTE  the National Irish broadcasting corporation have stepped aside while the investigation takes place.



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Dillon’s family told Irish Catholic newspaper that  the RTE series  ''has already been exposed, as in the case of Fr Reynold's defamation, as appallingly incorrect, unsubstantiated, and profoundly prejudiced ... we believe that this is also the case with our deceased relative Bro. G.G. Dillon''.

It turns out that the Dillon family or the Christian Brothers in South Africa were never contacted by the program before making the allegations.

The files in SOuth Africa andIreland contain no evidence of any wrong doing by Brother Dillon.