Peacemaker Martin McAleese has resigned as an Irish senator to spend more time with his wife Mary, the former President, in Rome.

McAleese made the surprise announcement ahead of the publication of a report on the Magdalene Laundries.

The Northern Irish-born dentist was instrumental in the report into abuse at the religious run laundries.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has thanked the husband of former president Mary McAleese for his work on the interdepartmental report.

The Magdalene Laundries report will be presented to the Cabinet on Tuesday according to the Irish Times.

The paper reports that Kenny also paid tribute to McAleese’s ‘continued dedication to bridge building in Northern Ireland.'

Kenny appointed McAleese to the Senate as one of his nominees in May of 2011.

In his resignation letter, McAleese said: “I am particularly grateful for the way in which the Seanad contributed to a number of bridge-building initiatives, most particularly its historic invitation to the Orange Order.

“The success of that ground-breaking initiative augurs well for the continued, steady consolidation of peace and good neighbourliness between those who share this island.”

Former Irish president Mary McAleese is currently studying canon law in Rome.

Her husband now wants to spend more time with her in the Italian city after completing his work on the State’s role in the forced detention of women in the Magdalene laundries. The report has now been completed.

McAleese added: “It is my fervent hope that the report will be of real public service, most especially to the women concerned.”


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