Lennox, the “death row dog” from Belfast, is “at the end of his line” despite last-ditch appeals by his owners. The dog, who was removed from its family in 2010, has made international news and received outpourings of support to protect it from being put to sleep.

The Belfast Telegraph
reports that the original owners of Lennox, the Barnes family of Belfast, have been working hard to prevent their beloved pet from being destroyed. In September of last year, a court ruled that the dog was dangerous and would need to be put down.

The Barnes family, however, maintains that their pet is not a threat and has never hurt anyone. Further, the family maintains that Lennox is not a banned Pit bull breed, but is rather an American bulldog cross.

County Court Judge Henry Rodgers refused an application for a last-ditch appeal last week because he believes that Caroline Barnes, Lennox’s owner, along with her legal team, “had not established a point of law on which to make one.”

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Caroline Barnes has worked relentlessly to spread the story about Lennox through the ‘Save Lennox’ campaign in the hopes of receiving support for the ill-fated dog, especially after it was ruled by a Belfast judge in September that the dog would have to be destroyed. Lennox has since made news around the world, and a petition to save the dog’s life has garnered over 123,000 signatures.

Lennox has been separated from Caroline Barnes and Barnes’ 12-year-old disabled daughter, Brooke, for 610 days now, says The Belfast Telegraph. The dog was originally removed from the Barnes’ care in 2010 when, while muzzled, it knocked a dog warden to the ground and hit the warden’s face.

The Lord Chief Justice Office of Northern Ireland spokeswoman said: "After considering the application by Ms Barnes and representations by Belfast City Council, Judge Rodgers on January 13, 2012 notified the parties that he had refused to state a case for the Court of Appeal."

Caroline Barnes has 14 days to appeal to the Court of the Appeal about the County Court Judge refusing to state a case about her dog.

Here, watch a video that comes as a part of the ‘Save Lennox’ campaign: