The campaign to have Lennox, a six-year-old bulldog Labrador retriever released from death row in Belfast is continuing.

Supporters are calling the case to be thrown out due to discrepancies in the evidence presented, while others believe that the decision made on Friday in court was a political one rather than just. According to reports in the North County Gazette, evidence presented during Lennox’s case was untrue.

Lennox, a Belfast family’s dog, provided service to a 12-year-old disabled girl. Although there is no evidence that Lennox has ever bitten anyone, on Friday the courts in Belfast condemned Lennox to be put to sleep for simply looking like a pitbull.

On Friday the campaigners tweeted “A very sad day for animal lovers, a very sad day for the justice system and a worse day for Lennox. Judge ruled in favor of BCC stating Lennox is too unpredictable.

“So sad to see that perjury, lies, corruption and cruelty can be rewarded in such a way! God help us all as humans we all need to step back look at ourselves and ask questions. Sorry everyone.”


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The dog was always muzzled when he left the house, on a leash with his owners. He was housed in a secure yard at home. He was also licensed, microchiped, neutered, and well trained.
Lennox has been in custody since May 19, 2010 after Lennox jumped up on a warden who was making a routine visit.

Campaigners have reported that the dog has lost his hair from stress. The dog’s campaigners also claim the dog is being drugged and that the Belfast City Council should be investigated for animal cruelty.

On March 29, Judge Ken Nixon ruled that Lennox was a danger to the public following testimony from Belfast dog wardens.

Lennox’s owners, the Barnes family, say that Lennox is an American bull cross and is being put to death simply because of the way he looks.

Other reports say that the wardens were incorrect, and even that they lied in their testimony. According to reports. Alexandra Lightfoot said that Lennox was “one of the most aggressive dogs” she had dealt with during her 25 year career.

However reports maintain that the three dog wardens involved in the case gave conflicting testimony. They also claim to have images of Lennox jumping up sit on dog warden’s laps and lick their faces.

The report claims that the prosecution’s “expert” wasn’t an expert at all. They said “Peter Tallack is not qualified to give his opinions, and that’s all they are, his personal opinion, because he has no college degree.”

They claim that Tallack is a dog handler rather than a dog behaviorist and his testimony should also be disqualified.

Now that the sentencing has been handed down there is a 14-day window where an appeal can be filed.

The campaigners’ fight continues. They tweeted “It has been suggested that Friday’s outcome wasn't an expert based decision but more a political decision for speaking out. Read between the lines everyone!”

And “It Isn't Over! The Fight Continues, Don't Give Up No Matter How Gloom Things May Look! Let's All Fight On Not Just For Lennox But All Victims Of BSL. Thank You All.[sic]”

For more information visit the campaigners Facebook Page, website or Twitter account.