The recent cancellation of the Croke Park Classic between Penn State and the University of Central Florida has opened up the opportunity for two new schools to play an American football game in Ireland. is reporting that a group of experienced investors are attempting to raise an estimated $5.1 million in order to fund a game in Ireland between Boston College and Georgia Tech.

The group is apparently zeroing in on Aviva Stadium to host the game rather than GAA Headquarters Croke Park. Aviva successfully hosted the Notre Dame-Navy game in 2012 and has expressed interest in hosting more games in the future.

As of now, the game is scheduled to take place the day before the All-Ireland hurling final. The timing could be problematic but the date is yet to be set in stone. Adding a flood of American football fans to Dublin streets on top of the already crazed hurling weekend could prove to be too chaotic.

Another potential issue is a drop in attendance. Ireland would need American football fans to travel to make the event financially viable and Boston College, the proposed home team, has recently had below average attendance for homes games by about 10,000 fans.

An estimated 20,000 fans traveled last year for the Croke Park classic while an estimated 35,000 fans journeyed to Ireland for the Notre Dame-Navy game, both providing Ireland with a solid economic boost.

Neither school has commented on the likelihood of playing in Ireland in 2016.