Irish member of the international Occupy movement begun an occupation of the Dublin City Sheriff’s office on Thursday to protest the eviction of an elderly couple from their home in Killiney, County Dublin on Wednesday.

The protesters are demonstrating against the eviction of Brendan and Asta Kelly from their home after a court warrant obtained by Irish Banking Resolution Corporation (formerly Anglo Irish Bank, widely regarded as the architects of Ireland's economic collapse) was delivered to them in 2010.

According to, the bailiffs who evicted the elderly couple on Wednesday were sent on a warrant from the Dublin County Sheriff’s office. Sheriffs in Dublin and Cork are empowered to seize goods belonging to a debtor in order to settle outstanding debts.

A live stream of the occupation of the Sheriff's office was broadcast on the Occupy Dame Street Livestream channel.

71-year-old Brendan Kelly admitted to 98FM that he and his wife had overstretched themselves when they borrowed to buy their home. The couple had a mortgage of two million euros for their five-bedroom property, but they were served with a repossession order nearly two years ago. Kelly said the house was valued at 3.75 million euro at the time they borrowed.

Now the couple say they have nowhere to go. The told 98FM they will stay out on the road until they are allowed back. Kelly added that his office is based in the house, which provides his only livelihood.

'The government say that they were going to do everything in their power to keep people in their family homes,' he said. 'The people did not ask us had we anywhere to go, they just threw us out on the street. This was the type of evictions that we had in the 19th century – it could have been 1850, 1860,' he added.

Member of the public films protesters speech:

Protesters at the Sheriff's office in Temple Bar,