You simply won't believe the method that this Dublin dad used to drop over 60lbs in three months.

When it came to shedding the excess weight, Pat O'Neill didn't opt for going Paleo, Vegan, Keto, or indeed - any other popular lifestyle shift.

The bus driver instead favored using hypnosis.

The father-of-three transformed his physique by following what is informally called the Blue Plate Diet.

The 52-year-old told radio host Dave Fanning that hypnosis is just the first step.

4 stone In 12 weeks with @d4psychologist hear Pats story

— jasonocallaghan (@d4psychologist) January 13, 2018

O'Neill explained that the blue crockery was integral to the diet - as people tend to instinctively eat less when they see that hue underneath their food.

"The idea behind a blue plate is there’s no naturally occurring blue food so it suppresses your appetite," the dad explained.

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He added that a hypnotist worked with him to make him feel like his stomach was smaller, helping him make a gradual change to his portion sizes.

"He would eventually give you an imaginary gastric band, is the idea behind it. So, your stomach feels smaller, you eat less."

He confirmed that in the total time since he has been doing the diet (21 weeks), he has lost over five stone, five pounds (75lbs) - with most of the weight loss occurring in the first three months.

He proudly said that as a Scout Leader, the difference in his physical fitness is the most rewarding aspect of the lifestyle change.

"I started to struggle on hikes and all that and now I’m just fit as a fiddle, away I go."

"Before if it was raining out, I’d look out the window, look at the dog, ‘Sorry, you’re not going out there today’. Now, I just go out and I go for the walk. About an hour, an hour and a half every day," he said.