High school leavers in Ireland are being lured to nightclubs by the promise of strippers, midgets, and drinks promos in the nation’s capital.

Thousand of Leaving Cert students received their results for their high school exams on Wednesday. Several nightclubs offered the sale of cheap alcohol for what is traditionally a night of celebration after student’s exam results.

Quinns, a popular GAA bar in the north of Dublin city is running a ‘Project X night’ which includes strippers, sexy girls; a real small person and mad djs, reports the Evening Herald.

Described as the ‘official Leaving cert results party’ on the bar’s Facebook fan page, almost 1,000 people have signed up to attend.

In the city centre a special Leaving Cert rave in Lafayette nightclub is being described as 'the biggest, sweatiest, filthiest rave of the year'.

Midnight Promotions were running three events around Dublin using the tag line 'F*** Me It's Results Night.'

The National Parents Council of Ireland has criticized the move by bars.

"It's absolutely off the wall,” Jackie O'Callaghan, of the National Parents Council, told the Evening Herald.

“As a parent you would always try to give your children good values for all aspects of life, to have respect for themselves and for others.

"But this is just the polar opposite to that. Encouraging this kind of stuff is just not appropriate in any manner."

O'Callaghan added: "It's a quick buck for the clubs and the pubs.

"It's not good for the students. It's not good for society as a whole to encourage this sort of drinking at any age and it certainly isn't suitable for people of 18 or 19.

"Think of the violence in the street afterwards, accidents happening, somebody being violently ill and having to be taken to hospital."

The Irish charity MEAS - Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society which promotes responsible drinking also criticized the promotions.

Fionnuala Sheehan, CEO of MEAS said: "These types of promotional activity are a major concern."

An advertisement for the drinks promos availableFacebook