A new global survey has uncovered the booziest nation in the world, and the results may surprise you.

The 2019 Global Drug Survey, which looked at 36 nations, found that people in the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) consume more alcohol than drinkers anywhere else in the world.

According to the report, Britons reported getting drunk an average of 51.1 times in a 12-month period - nearly once a week. Following close behind, Americans reported getting drunk 50 times in the last year, while Canadians reported getting drunk 48 times. Drinkers from the Republic of Ireland got drunk 40.7 times during the year.

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Thirty-seven percent of all participants said they wanted to drink less. In Ireland, 49.8 percent of those surveyed said they hoped to drink less next year, compared to 42.5 percent of Britons who said the same.

(According to the survey, people from the UK also reported higher cocaine use than any other country, New York Post reports.)

“We get told too much is bad, and it is, but current guidelines fail to accept the pleasure of intoxication and give little guide on the difference between being a little drunk and a lot drunk, and doing it three to four times a year versus weekly. We need to have that conversation,” Adam Winstock, the Global Drug Survey’s founder, told the Guardian.

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“In the UK we don’t tend to do moderation, we end up getting drunk as the point of the evening.

“Until culture changes and we become more European and moderate in our drinking, we might have to bite the bullet and think about how to advise people to get drunk drinking less,” he said.

The entire report can be found here.