Diageo, the company behind Guinness, Bushmills whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream have announced pre-tax profits of $4.7 billion (£3.1bn ) during the 2011 to 2012 period.

Guinness represents 52 percent of the company’s beer business and surprisingly Nigeria, which is home to two Diageo breweries, is the world’s largest market for Guinness.

Diageo also said Asia, Africa and South American sales rose by 18 percent, 20 percent and 22 percent respectively.

Martin Deboo, an analyst at Investec Securities, told TheJournal.ie “Diageo (DGE) has delivered on its promises today…The eight percent increase in dividend reads encouragingly, and chimes with CEO Paul Walsh’s confidence that the business is very much on track to deliver against medium-term guidance.”

Bushmills, the County Antrim-produced whiskey had being selling particularly well in Eastern Europe and has also benefited from the launch of Bushmills Irish Honey.

However back in Ireland the total sale of alcoholic drinks on the market dropped by 1.2 percent, during the 12 months to June.

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