Dramatic video of Phoebe Prince’s mother, Ann O’Brien, crying in court as she described her daughter’s death after being bullied has been shown in Boston.

Sean Mulveyhill, a former boyfriend and Kayla Narey were sentenced to a year’s probation and 100 hours of community service after admitting criminal harassment in the Phoebe Prince case

Ann O’Brien with her back to the camera speaks in a low voice and cries several times as she described the torment of  her daughter’s final hours.

Phoebe Prince committed suicide in January 2010 by hanging after she had been mercilessly taunted by fellow students. The County Clare family had moved to  South Hadley from Ireland in 2009.

“I lifted her from the coffin and held her for the very last time,’’ Ann O’Brien told the court. “My little girl, once so full of life, was now so cold."

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“Never again will she ask me to read a short story ... or poem she has written," said O'Brien. "Phoebe was a beautiful, intelligent and gregarious daughter with a kind heart able to show compassion for others...There is a dead weight that now sits permanently on my chest,"

O’Brien read from Phoebe’s own words that the fact that Mulveyhill had turned on her was the final straw.

"I think Sean condoning this is one of the final nails in my coffin," Phoebe had written.

"Had I known the truth I would have viewed his interest in my daughter as predatory. ... Where was his empathy?" asked O'Brien saying she would have forbidden her dating him if she had known what he was really like.

Three other defendants will appear in court this week in Boston to plead guilty.

Anne O’Brien, second from left, the mother of Phoebe Prince, listens yesterday during the sentencing of Sean Mulveyhill and Kayla Narey, who bullied her daughter.Boston Herald