Gripping new details in the killing of Irish emigrant Jason Paul Corbett (39) in Davidson County, North Carolina on August 2, 2015 have been released.

In the 911 call just released, Thomas Michael Martens (65) an ex-FBI agent says he intervened in a fight between his daughter, Molly Martens Corbett (31) and Corbett, whom she was married to.

Thomas Martens tells the 911 operator that, "My daughter's husband – my son-in-law – got in a fight with my daughter. I intervened and – I think – I believe he's in bad shape. We need help."

When questioned by the 911 operator what Martens meant by "in bad shape," Martens replied, "He's bleeding all over and I may have killed him."

Martens claimed that his Irish son-in-law was choking his wife in the master bedroom, that the sound of the violence woke him up and he went to his daughter’s defense. He hit Corbett with an aluminum baseball bat on the head.

However, court documents also released yesterday show that the attending police officer who arrived in response to the emergency call stated that in his experience the scene in the master bedroom did not correspond to a protracted struggle.

Martens and his daughter face second degree murder charges and could get life in prison. They are claiming self defense.

Jason Corbett’s first wife died of a severe asthma attack and he is now buried beside her in Limerick. His two children are back with his relatives in Ireland after a protracted court battle.

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Molly Martens met Jason in Ireland when hired to work as an au pair for his children after his first wife's death. They pair became romantically involved, married and settled down in Davidson County living in the Panther Creek area. Two years ago she sought advice on divorce and getting custody of the children.

The 911 tape reveals how Molly Martens and her father delivered chest compressions to Jason trying to revive him.

On the 911 call Martens is heard doing chest compressions on Corbett.

At one point Martens hands the phone to his daughter, who is asked by the operator to help with chest compressions. Molly Corbett can be heard carrying out chest compressions while in apparently deep distress.

The call ends with Martens telling the operator that the emergency responders are taking over at the scene and the operator advises him to try to get his daughter out of the room.

On Tuesday, Corbett and Martens were each given $200,000 bonds. Both have since posted bail.

Corbett and Martens are scheduled to appear in court next month.