A 20-year-old Galway woman tragically took her own life just three months after her boyfriend committed suicide.

Lisa Healy's body was found last Friday.  Her boyfriend, Colin Roche took his own life last November. Roche's body was found in his family shed by his father, Peter, a local Fine Gael councilor.

After Roche’s death Healy was heartbroken.  According to reports in the “Irish Sun,” Healy left posts on Roche's Facebook profile after his death, and said  things will "never be the same without you" and nobody "will ever replace you."

Other messages read, "Colin, words kant explain how much u ment 2 me, i don't no wot ta say (sic)."

"i love u so much!! no1 will ever replace u. thanks for being mine for the last 3 years!!!"

"Things will never b the same without ya. 9 R.I.P. babe, urs 4 always, lisa!!! xx?"

Following Healy's death a friend wrote on her profile page, "I hope you’re with Colin up there, give him my love.”

Declan Ganley, founder of Libertas, a political party, and a friend of both families, spoke to RTE's "Liveline” radio program.  He said that the community had been devastated by the suicides. He described the pain felt by the Galway community as "incalculable.”

Ganley said suicide was "the most unnecessary thing of all… every other option is better than that. Call the Samaritans, call into a church. There is always an upside.”

Speaking about Healy he said, "This is a child we have known for years, since she was very little, and it's killing all of us. It's very difficult, it's impossible to understand, this is a very loving family.  The same applied to the Roches, who have had to deal with the same tragedy just before Christmas. It has to stop."

Lisa Healy and Colin Roche both committed suicide in the past three months