Jim McGlynn, of Letterkenny in Donegal, is looking to acquire a DNA test for an unidentified body buried in a local graveyard that he believes is his brother.

The Irish Sun reports that McGlynn’s brother Noel disappeared in 1983. A few days later, an unidentified body washed up on the strand at Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal and was buried thereafter in an unmarked grave at the local Holy Cross graveyard.

Jim McGlynn is convinced that the body is that of his long lost brother Noel, and is looking to conduct a DNA test to find out. McGlynn’s lawyer Kieran Dillon told Coroner John Cannon he is anxious to have the inquest heard.

McGlynn has requested an inquest into the matter several times, but all have been dismissed.

Now, however, the coroner said samples which were taken from the body and sent to Welsh police for DNA profiling have now been sent on to an independent company for analysis. He said that it was his understanding DNA could be taken from the tissue block from the mystery body and used to identify the body.

Coroner Cannon adjourned the inquest until September 28.

Irishman plans to use DNA testing to see if corpse is that of his broteherGoogle Images