Drivers from Kildare and Meath are the least likely to stop and help a stranded motorist, a new survey by AA Ireland found. While Donegal drivers are the most likely to be "good Samaritans."

AA Ireland asked 12,300 drivers whether they'd stop to help someone who clearly needed assistance or if they would simply keep driving, reports the

According to the survey, 61 percent of drivers in Donegal said they would stop compared to 40 percent of drivers in Kildare and 43.2 percent in Meath.


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Gender was also a deciding factor with 55 percent of men saying they would stop to help a female motorist while only 4 percent of women saying they would do the same for a lone male driver. Some of the male respondents said they would not be "comfortable" helping a lone female without someone else present, for fear that they would be perceived as a threat.

Just under 60 percent of respondents would help a stranded driver with young children in the car.

Sixty percent of drivers also said they would stop for an elderly motorist, with 71 percent of the male participants saying they would do so.

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