Outspoken media mogul Donald Trump has predicted that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

Not only that, the former Republican presidential candidate said the party must find a strong candidate to oppose her if the country is to be 'brought back from the edge.'

According to the Desmoine Register, Trump was speaking to a group of social conservatives in Iowa this weekend. Trump was the final speaker in a day-long summit and he spoke for more than 30 minutes on issues ranging from China's economic rise to immigration reform to the shortcomings of Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.

Looking ahead to 2016, Trump said he knows Hillary Clinton 'very well' and asserted that she’s 'probably' going to be the Democratic candidate.

'It’s going to be in my opinion a tougher race than the last race,' he said. 'Really tough. And somebody’s going to have to emerge who’s really strong. The Republicans have to do what’s right. If they don’t pick the right person – it’s got to be the perfect person – they are going to get drubbed in the 2016 election.'

Trump also warned the GOP to tread carefully before supporting immigration reform, currently under consideration in the GOP controlled Congress.

Immigrants who would gain legal status under a comprehensive reform bill will almost certainly become Democratic voters, he predicted.

'They’re just going to be voting Democratic. That’s just the way it is,' he said adding, 'Do what’s right, but be very careful, because it could be a death wish for the Republican Party.'

Meanwhile Trump has suggested he’s considering throwing his own hat in the ring to enter the 2016 race, a prospect that delights his detractors.

Donald Trump has told Republicans that the Democrats' Hillary Clinton will be tough to beat in the 2016 US presidential electionGoogle Images