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Before she was Mother Teresa she was an unknown nun in Ireland. In fact she was an unpopular one who was run out of the country by the church 40 years ago.

In a shocking report published in the irish Independent this week, an Irish nun revealed that she pieced together a letter by Mother Teresa that proves that she was forced out of Ireland by the church 40 years ago.

The claim was also broadcast in a new BBC documentary on the abrupt departure of the diminutive nun and four of her Sisters of Charity just 18 months after they arrived in the Ballymurphy estate in Belfast in October 1971, during one of the darkest years of the Troubles.

40 years later residents of the estate say they believe Mother Teresa was made to feel unwelcome by the late parish priest, Canon Padraig Murphy, who died in 1988. So unwelcome in fact that they all decided to leave.

Sister Eileen Sweeney, who arrived in the estate the day after Mother Teresa’s departure in 1973, found a torn-up letter written by the famous that reveals the true reason behind her exit.

Sister Eileen told Cath News India: "In the letter Mother Teresa started off by saying: Bishop I feel sorry for you. What you said was most unkind…"

"And then toward the end she said she wanted to make sure there wasn’t a lot of bad feeling left in the community because of the nuns being told to get out. Where that letter is now God only knows."

Father Des Wilson, who was one of the people behind the invite that brought Mother Teresa to Ballymurphy, told the press that the parish priest Canon Murphy never quite approved of their arrival.

Read more: N.Y. Speaker Christine Quinn way over the top on Mother Teresa snub

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