A doctor has been struck off by the Irish Medical Council after he attempted to touch, kiss and bite a number of nurses – and tried to smell the underarm of another.

Dr Osmanmahir Mahir failed to make an appearance at his Medical Council fitness to practise hearing in Dublin and was found guilty in his absence.

No longer resident in the country, Mahir told the Council in a letter that he accepted whatever came his way.

One nurse told the hearing that Mahir had grabbed her hand and asked if she was wearing a wedding ring. He allegedly asked: “Where is the men in this world? Why are you still single?”

She also claimed Mahir grabbed her name badge and touched her breast. Hours later he apologised for the incident.

Another nurse said Mahir bit her on the skin of her elbow, saying: “This is what I do to my friends”.

She added: “He didn’t break the skin but left a mark.”

A third nurse revealed that Mahir had commented on her Facebook photo. He said was ‘very, very sexy’ before she deleted him as a ‘friend’ on Facebook.

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A fourth nurse told the inquiry that Mahir had kissed her on the shoulder but she ‘put it down to cultural differences’.

The hearing heard that Mahir was accused of professional misconduct and poor professional performance.

The Irish Times
reports that he also failed to appoint any representatives for the purpose of the inquiry.

Medical Council lawyer JP McDowell told the hearing that it was appropriate to proceed as Dr Mahir, with addresses in Leitrim and Sudan, was on notice of the allegations and had been told the hearing date.

Mahir was dismissed from his post at the Adelaide and Meath hospital in Dublin, in April 2009 following allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards at least five nurses.

He was also accused of failing to disclose his dismissal from Tallaght hospital when being interviewed for, and appointed to, a post in emergency medicine at Sligo General hospital later that year.

Sligo hospital consultant Dr Kieran Cunningham told the Medical Council that Mahir had admitted to having ‘bitten or nibbled one of the nursing staff’ while depressed and suffering cultural difficulties.

Mahir claimed to have been suffering from feelings of isolation and cultural differences when he was working in Tallaght and was taking medication at the time.

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