A doctor at a Northern Ireland hospital has accidentally glued a young child’s eyelids together while carrying out a routine procedure.

Kerri Caldwell has described how her three-year-old son had his eye glued shut by a doctor in the accident and emergency department of the Ulster Hospital.

Sam Caldwell was brought for treatment after an accident at his Newtownards home when he suffered a cut above his right eye.

The little boy is currently unable to open his eye after the doctor treating him decided to close the wound by applying glue to the cut.



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The hospital has confirmed that the glue dripped onto the boy’s eyelids but they say it will wear off in three or four day’s time.

“Sam was doing OK when we got to the hospital,” revealed mum Kerri.

“I had managed to calm him down and by the time the doctor came to him he was being very good. The doctor was about to administer the glue.

“After about 20 minutes the doctor told Sam to open his eyes but he couldn’t. His right eye was completely glued shut. She had put too much on his lid and it had slid around his eye.”

Mrs Caldwell also described how her son became upset and started screaming and kicking his legs when he couldn’t open his eye.
She told the Belfast Telegraph: “No-one came near us. Sam was getting more and more upset, crying and screaming, but no-one in the hospital came back to us.

“A consultant then told me that the glue would have to wear off. He said it would take a minimum of four days and said ‘he’ll get used to it’.

“The whole experience has left both Sam and I very upset. He is scared to open his other eye. I am annoyed that this happened, he went in with a minor cut and came out with a glued eye.”

A hospital spokesperson stated: “Unfortunately, it is a well-recognised complication that the glue can leak before it dries. In most cases lukewarm water will loosen the eyelashes, but otherwise this will occur naturally within one to three days.”