Desmond James Calvert has gained international fame and acclaim for his ability to construct Lego kits, a task which is even more impressive as he was born without hands.

Known as "DJ The Lego Man", the Northern Ireland native has been mastering Lego since he was a tot.

To date, the 44-year-old has completed over 50 Lego models - some of which consist of an astonishing 4,000 pieces.

Calvert was born without arms or legs, but building Lego has always been second nature. 

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“From when I was first able to crawl, I could figure out how I could lift something or touch something or do something,” he told The Epoch Times.

He explained that he received his first set for Christmas when he was 9-years-old, noting that he took to it "like a duck to water".

From his first experiment, which was a Lego digger, to the incredible constructions he is now able to master, Calvert says that Lego is a major stress-reliever. 

His favorite hobby has also now led to international recognition. Calvert has featured in magazines, newspapers, and on radio shows. He is intent on using this platform as a way to prove that we can all overcome the obstacles life presents us with.

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“If kids maybe have lost a limb through an illness or an accident or even adults who may have been in a war … and they just think ‘I can’t do this anymore. I’ve given up. I don’t want to do it, I can’t,’ I’m trying to get across to them that you can do this! This is what I have, you can do it!” he told the outlet.

Calvert has also been using his talents to help raise funds for  his local emergency services and Community Rescue Service to raise money for families of autistic children. He has also been busy making guest appearances at schools in Northern Ireland teaching children about living life to the full with a disability.

“I think that because kids are easily influenced now and they have laptops and they’ve got their iPads and computer games, I’m trying to sort of educate them and get them away from all that and use their creativity to build something,” he noted.

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“I’ve always kept myself to myself,” he said, “but this has been a good thing for me, this has brought me out of myself, [and shown] that I can help somebody here by what I have and what I can offer."

“If you have a disability, it’s not the end. It’s only the beginning," he added poignantly.