A car belonging to loyalist flag protest chief Willie Frazer has been burnt out – hours after he received a death threat.

Police in Ulster are investigating the arson attack at Frazer’s home.

The 52-year-old has told the Irish Sun newspaper that he believes Republican dissidents are behind the threat on his life and the attack at his home.

Frazer told the paper that took a phone call at his house on Sunday morning warning him he would be killed.

Just 90 minutes later his Audi car was torched at the back of the south Armagh property.

Frazer said: “I couldn’t have got out the back door, the fire was that bad coming in to the kitchen. But I can’t thank the police enough for doing what they did because they could have saved my life.”

Frazer has claimed Republican smugglers are angry that he has drawn attention to their operations.
He still plans to hold a loyalist flag protest in Dublin later this year.

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