As the Irish government considers a new law that would weaken the current ban on abortion, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, is warning his Irish colleagues to avoid the mistakes made in America.

"When I was over there and spoke at large rallies, we said, 'Do not make the mistake that America made - 40 years down the road, over 55 million innocent children, '" Rev. Mahoney told

"Abortion has not helped our society and culture and in fact our nation is turning away from abortion and embracing a culture of life.

He called the push from the European Union urging Ireland to loosen its abortion laws as an attack on the church.

"So when you see the European Union ripping Ireland as being somehow backward and Neanderthal, the real thing they are saying there, in coded language, it's an attack on the church," said Mahoney, who said he believes a vast majority of Irish American living in the U.S. are trouble over the Irish government’s actions.

Earlier this month, pro-life demonstrations were held at Irish embassies around the world in protest of the new law.