A $1,200 glass of Teeling whiskey is just one of the many expensive items British man Nick Cooper has failed to pay for on his dine-and-dash spree in Washington. 

A 21-year-old British man has been arrested on multiple occasions over the past two weeks in Washington D.C. for a string of incidents in which he has racked up a massive bill in an expensive establishment but has either fled before the check could be paid or attempted to pay via false means.

In one instance, the man, allegedly named Nick Cooper, ordered a $1,200 glass of 34-year-old Teeling Irish whiskey, a bottle normally kept under a combination lock in a vault. At least the man has good taste in Irish whiskey! 

Cooper had seven encounters with police in March alone and photos of him are circulating to the high-scale eating establishments around town as servers are told to be on the lookout for the dine-and-dash deviant. 

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First arrested for public intoxication on March 7, 2018, he has since been apprehended for attempting to pay a check with a fake name and room number at the Willard International and for using an invalid credit card at the Old Ebbitt Grill on the same day.

While these tabs averaged around $70, other attempts to avoid paying have seen Cooper "flash the cash" even further. One such case saw him taken into custody for resisting arrest after amounting a tab that included a $156 bottle of cabernet sauvignon and a $100 bottle of Moet Imperial.

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The man is said to have been combative with police officers on a number of occasions, asking them to shoot him and attempting to harm himself while in custody. 

He has also spoken of his aims to jump over the wall to the White House and has been arrested for violating a stay-away order from the Executive Mansion.