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Applications for birth, adoption, death and marriage certificates, received through the department’s website, shows that the 20,000 Irish who applied are residents in over 70 countries across the globe.

The Health Service Executive’s new information shows the Irish have been settling outside of the traditional destinations such as the U.S or Britain.

A spokesperson from spoke to the Irish Independent. They explained that the website allows the Diaspora to apply for their certificates from anywhere in the world.

Applications have been rolling in from United Arab Emirates (4), Afghanistan (1), Austria (2), Australia (360), Barbados (1) and Canada (161). Also on the list are Botswana, Switzerland, Chile, China, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Fiji, Hong Kong, Hungary  Uzbekistan, The Vatican, US Virgin Islands, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Irish site received 1,004 applications from the United States. There were also 2,959 application from Britain and 12,457 from people still living in Ireland.