It may be looking like a Bank Holiday washout in Ireland, but the good news is that the country's sizzling summer is set to stretch into early September.

Forecasters have predicted that the sweltering temperatures will return in the coming days and continue throughout August, with mercury levels regularly climbing to the late 70s throughout the month.

Meteorologists said the best spell of prolonged sunshine is likely to occur in the middle of the month, when temperatures could sky-rocket into the 80s.

And towards between the end of August and the start of next month weather experts said the country can look forward to basking in another mini-heatwave to round off a second successive glorious summer season.

However, forecasters have also warned that the fine weather is likely to be disrupted at times by vigorous thunderstorms and heavy rainfall throughout the month.

But James Madden, meteorologist with Exacta Weather, said sun-worshippers won't be disappointed with what is likely to be another scorching few weeks ahead.

He said: "Early August is likely to see some mixed and unsettled weather developing across many parts of Ireland. This is likely to activate some potentially heavy and thundery showers across the country as it does so, in particular in some parts to the the east of the country and later in parts to the west.

"However, as we progress throughout next week and into the following week, it will gradually become more settled and warmer across many parts of the country. It is also plausible that temperatures could near towards the 80s in this developing period.

"This warm to hot period is also likely to become quite an extensive feature for at least several days within this period as high pressure begins to build in across many parts of the country, in particular at the mid-month point when temperatures could near towards 86F in the Leinster and Munster regions.

"In the latter part of August and into the start of September there is also likely to be another warm to very hot period as high pressure builds northwards across many parts of Ireland. Temperatures could again climb to the 80s once again."

But he added: "With this comes the risk of some widespread and vigorous thunderstorm activity on either side of these major warm to hot periods, in particular in some parts to the south and later in some parts to the north.

"This may also bring the additional risk of some moderate to severe flash flood events and large hail at times within this period to end the meteorological summer."