Bill O’Reilly, whose ratings have been slipping as of late, has a new tactic to up his show’s popularity: bringing in his main competitor, Glenn Beck.

The Irish-American “O’Reilly Factor” host is buddying up with Beck now that the younger conservative pundit is beating the vet in ratings.

Beck appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” to discuss Bill’s beef with Jay-Z.

“The Glenn Beck Program” host said he loves Jay-Z, and claims he “blends in” with the rap crowd.

But O’Reilly has a problem with the rap artist’s “hypocrisy,” saying he sings about race, and then hosts a benefit for firefighters and police officers who died on 9/11.

How exactly do these two things conflict, I don’t know, but perhaps Bill’s just upset he didn’t get invited to the hip hop star’s benefit concert.

Beck reminds his fellow Fox news host that Jay-Z mentions him – unfavorably – in one of his songs, singing “this ain’t black versus white…please tell Bill O’Reilly to fall back.”

Beck then gives O’Reilly a book that Jay-Z signed, which reads “Peace, Bill, Jay-Z,” and tells him to step off once again.

The two political talking heads then go on to discuss how the “race thing” is so over.

Really, Bill? Pairing up with Beck and bringing in the race card a nonsensical discussion about a hip hop celeb?

Pretty desperate for numbers, huh?