An Irish priest has been caught on video snorting cocaine in a room full of Nazi memorabilia at a party in his home on church grounds.

Father Stephen Crossan (37) was on leave from his duties in the Catholic Church due to depression at the time of the party. His actions were videoed by revelers at the party who claimed there was also Nazi memorabilia in his home at St Patrick's Church in Banbridge, County Down.

While Crossan admitted that he had taken cocaine, he said he did “not have an issue with drugs.” In the video, released by The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Crossan can be seen snorting the cocaine with a British £10 note.

Catholic priest filmed snorting cocaine in room filled with Nazi memorabilia.

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He also said that the memorabilia was in his home because he collects “historical stuff.”

He told the paper, “I’m no Nazi. I collect historical stuff. There’s stuff there from every country.”

The paper reports that the video was recorded at the end of two days of partying with friends that Crossan had invited into his parish home. Revelers returned to the house at 11am and stayed for seven hours after which Crossan asked them to leave.

The people at the party told the Sun there were Nazi flags, hats and an eagle with a swastika on a plinth on the mantelpiece.

They said, “Stephen said he was a social worker but told us the truth when we realised he lived on church grounds. He’d been drinking beers and Jack Daniels as well as taking coke.

"The house was lovely but we were stunned to see the Nazi stuff. It was all over the house. At one point Stephen put on a cap and did the Nazi salute.

“It’s shocking. He’s supposed to be an upstanding member of society. He shouldn’t be taking drugs.”

Video: Catholic Priest Snorts Cocaine At Party On Parish Grounds -

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Father Crossan was on sick leave, for depression, when the footage was taken.

Crossan has since left the Church, but a spokesman for his bishop said the priest would be supported through his issues.

The former priest studied for the priesthood at St Patrick’s College in Maynooth and completed a degree in Theology in 2007. During his years at Maynooth he was involved in various pastoral activities including prison and hospital chaplaincy, according to a parish website. He was appointed to Seapatrick parish as Curate in 2012 and before that served as Curate in St Peter’s parish, Lurgan and the parish of Tullylish.