READ MORE- Michaela Harte’s family may have to wait a year for justice

Lawyers for one of the men accused of murdering Michaela Harte are requesting that another judge be assigned to the case, as they fear the accused will not get a fair trial.

Five employees from the Legend Hotel Resort in Mauritius appeared in Mapou District Court on Wednesday for the remand hearing.

Ravi Rutnah, attorney for 29-year-old defendant Abinash Treebhoowoon, detailed his motion to the court.  However, an error in the court’s digital equipment prevented him from formally lodging it.

Speaking after the court appearance, Rutnah said his legal team will request the removal of magistrate Sheila Bonamally at the next hearing.

He said attorneys were seeking the change, and although the judge has ordered an inquiry into police brutality, his client had been beaten again after he was examined by an independent examiner.

"He was beaten again to the extent that he confessed (to murder)," claimed Rutnah.

"The police commissioner said he confessed in the presence of his barrister but this was not true. I was threatened with prosecution and told that I was obstructing police justice.

"My client believes he won't get a fair trial in front of this magistrate."

Mr Treebhoowoon appeared in court last Wednesday, alongside Sandip Moneea, 41, Dassen Narainen, 33, Seenarain Mungoo, 39, and Raj Theekoy, 33.

Sandip Moneea, a room supervisor who police believe strangled the newlywed, appeared alone in court.

None of the suspects spoke during the hearing.

READ MORE- Michaela Harte’s family may have to wait a year for justice


Michaela, the daughter of Tyrone GAA manager Mickey Harte was murdered in her hotel roomRTE