The daughter of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, the brave principal of Sandy Hook who tried to face down crazed killer Adam Lanza, has revealed how she got married in the dress her mother picked out.

Irish American Erica Lafferty stated on "Piers Morgan Live" that 'I got married in the dress that my mom and I picked out, at her house in the Adirondacks, in the shoes that she would have tormented me for wearing...We had almost the entire wedding planned together and I did it exactly the way that she wanted it to be.'

She married long-time fiance Christopher Smegielski seven months after the massacre.

"I knew that day would have been perfect for her; it was perfect for me,' Lafferty explained. 'It was perfect for my husband. And I knew she was with me.

'I was able to go to the cemetery to be with her that morning,' she said, 'only for a couple minutes because I knew I had to get out quick so I didn't completely lose it and ruin my day.'

'I think it's exactly the day she would have wanted me to have.'

She says she will continue her battle for gun control even though nothing has been accomplished.
'Every time I'm ready to give up, a school bus will drive by, or I'll be standing outside... and my wind chimes will go off.

'I'll see a butterfly in the blistering cold, or "Harriet the Spy" will fall off my bookshelf, she lets me know that it's all worth it.'

She stopped by her mother’s grave the morning of her wedding. ‘I wanted to let her know how much I missed her.'

‘No daughter should ever have to do that on her wedding day.’

‘Never in a million years did I think I would be getting married without my mother there. Planning for my wedding was actually one of the last things my mom and I did together before she was killed,’ Lafferty told People magazine.

She wore custom sneakers as part of her bridal ensemble.

‘My mom always teased me because I was such a tomboy," she told People.

‘When I was picking out my dress, we found you could custom Converse sneakers, so she knew I had ordered them.’

Here's a CNN report remembering Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung: