An online dating fraudster is “running riot” in Ireland, according to testimonies from two women who were swindled out of thousands of euros.

A middle-aged woman, who is known only as “Maisie,” spoke to Joe Duffy’s "Live Line" on RTE radio. She told how a man she met online who had “promised the world” to her and her children had robbed the woman’s savings.

Explaining that she had first met the man online, she said she was immediately taken with him.
“I thought he was such a sweet person and had such a hard life and my heart went out to him,” Maisie said.

“I thought he was sweet and kind and lovely.”

Within a year he had moved into her home, with her children, and they had plans to marry. He ordered a $20,000 engagement ring and bought her a wedding dress.

“I thought ‘Oh my God, I’ve died and gone to heaven. This is too good to be true. This is not happening to me.’ But it wasn’t happening to me, he was too good to be true,” she said.

He asked Maisie for loans and never paid them back. He also encouraged her to sell her car.

Speaking of her shame she said, “His face, his eyes... he was so convincing and I am such an idiot.”

Maisie told the radio show of her shame and said she wanted to warn other women now to be taken in by his ruse. She believes he’s still “running riot” across the country. She has contacted the police about the scam.

Within minutes of sharing her story on RTE radio another woman made contact. She believes she was also fooled by the same man and taken for $13,000.