Dancing dolphins is a rarity but a team of researchers of Ireland’s Northwest coast witnessed just that.

The Irish Basking Shark Project research team was joined along the Donegal coast by a pod of approximately 50 dolphins back in 2012. Luckily the team was able to get some amazing footage of the dolphins dancing around the speedboat at Lough Swilly.

The dolphins danced and swam alongside the boat, before taking a right turn and swimming towards Malin Head. According to the video’s blurb on YouTube, “by evening they had traveled quite a distance, and were en route to Malin Head and onwards.”

A spokesperson from the Basking Shark project told IrishCentral at the time that the crew, both locals involved in the marine rescue services, were out on the water to observe the basking sharks in the area.

For those hoping to catch a glimpse of some truly amazing aquatic wildlife it seems this area of Inishowen, County Donegal, is the place to go. The spokesperson told IrishCentral, “This year we have had orca, killer whales, dolphin, sunfish, seals and harbor porpoise, as well as porbeagle shark.”

However, dolphins travelling in such large numbers in the area are unusual. The spokesman said, “The large number together is unusual. We have had dolphins in small groups, but not normally this large.

“Earlier this year we had a pod of Orca, Killer whales pass by (see video here), as well as basking sharks. This was one of the first confirmed reportings of Orca in Irish waters, captured in detail and providing unquestionable proof.”

For more information on the Basking Shark Project visit their website.

* Originally published in 2012.