Irish presidential candidate Dana is set to be sued by her niece, Susan, over comments which she made on Irish television about the sexual abuse which Susan was allegedly subjected to by Dana’s brother. Susan Gorell says that Dana’s statements on Irish television cast doubt on the abuse accusation. revealed that Dana’s brother, John, a prominent figure in her election campaign for president of Ireland, was accused in an Iowa court by his brother in law, Dr. Ronald Stein, of molesting Stein’s daughter over a number of years.

Dana had claimed in a presidential debate that false and malicious stories were going to appear about her and her family. Susan Gorell is saying that the accusations made against Dana’s brother by her and her parents are true.


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Gorell, who is now aged 45 and a prominent film maker in Iowa, stated that she had been in touch with her attorneys “in relation to a number of media reports in America and Ireland.  My family and I have also noted comments made on “Prime Time” on RTE1 this week and are taking legal advice on how to address those.”

Her law firm, Eeels and Tronvold in Sioux City Iowa, later issued a statement written by partner Jeffrey Tronvold saying, “I am writing this note to inform you that I represent a 45-year-old Iowa woman who has been identified as being sexually molested over a number of years.

“It has come to my client’s attention that Dana Rosemary Scallon has made comments on Irish television earlier this week regarding her.

“We wish to make clear to the media in Ireland and the United States that my client reserves the right to take all legal actions available to her against all persons who report or publish any claim that any potential allegations made by my client are in any way false, malicious, or untrue.”

The Dana family controversy comes against the backdrop of Dana announcing in Dublin on Friday that she will continue her long shot plan to win the Irish presidency, an office she previously sought in 1997.

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