An exiled Cuban multimillionaire wants the people of Galway to replace their proposed Che Guevara monument with a statue of Lindsay Lohan – and he’s prepared to foot the bill.

The reclusive Florida based philanthropist Elviro Sanchez made the offer ahead of a City Council meeting in Galway to ratify plans to erect a Guevara statue.

Sanchez is so annoyed by the proposal to honor the revolutionary that he wants to ridicule it with his Lohan proposal.

He has even claimed that Lohan’s links to Galway and the West of Ireland are far stronger than Guevara’s.

Prominent US and Irish politicians including senior Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen have criticized the Galway plans.

Ros-Lehtinen has even contacted Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to outline her opposition.
She has been supported by Congressman David Rivera in opposing the statue which has been approved in principle by the Galway council.

Now fruit plantation millionaire Sanchez is ready to scupper the move.

He has revealed that he is incensed by the decision of the Council and said that if they can truly justify the Guevara decision on the grounds of genealogy, celebrity, and cost, then he will test their resolve with the offer of funding for a statue of colorful actress Lohan, whose father Michael has roots in Galway.

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In a statement, released through his Orlando spokesman, Sanchez confirmed the offer was genuine and mail offers were being forwarded to the Galway council this week.

He said: “Yes, I am mocking the ridiculous senseless decision to honor Guevara but my offer to find the Lohan statue is genuine.

“I am hoping this will be placed on the agenda of their next meeting. I have contacted some councillors who are opposed to the Guevara statue and they are to help facilitate this being tabled at the next meeting, so that both statues will be discussed on the same night.

“I am confident that sufficient support will be forthcoming for my offer, even if the Guevara decision goes ahead.

“I have been vociferous in his opposition to the Guevara plan, as well as being in contact with the Irish government and Ms Ros-Lehtinen’s office.

“My researchers have discovered that Ms Lohan’s connections with Galway are stronger than those of Che Guevara. Also, they have noted that her celebrity is greater because she has five times as many mentions on Google as Guevara, so the connection, the celebrity and the funding are in place.

“Now it is a matter of seeing if my offer will be tabled and accepted by the council members.”

Sanchez fled Cuba with his three brothers in the Castro regime. All three worked on the family fruit plantation business before selling it to transnational Hazlo for $800 million in 2006.

Elviro Sanchez suggests Galway erect a monument to Lindsay Lohan rather than Cuban revolutionary Che GuevaraGoogle Images