The terrorist threat level in Northern Ireland “remains severe” according to the Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson.

Addressing the Commons, Tory Pauline Latham, an MP for Mid Derbyshire asked what measures were being taken to address violent activity by loyalist organizations.

Paterson responded saying: "The threat remains severe, tackling terrorism in all its forms and within the rule of law remains the highest priority for this Government.

"We will continue to work as closely as possible with our strategic partners in the PSNI, Northern Ireland Executive and the Irish Government to counter this threat."

Paterson told MPs in the Commons there was "absolutely no place for organised crime or violence in Northern Ireland" and appealed for the public to co-operate with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

He said there was a determination to “bear down” on the “small numbers of groups who do not accept the current settlement”.

Adressing the Commons he said he was working closely with Home Secretary and the Justice Minister in Northern Ireland "to ensure that there should be no threat to a peaceful and successful Olympics".

Northern Ireland secretary Vernon Coaker echoed Paterson’s commitment to peace saying: "We will stand with him in tackling any threat to security in Northern Ireland. Obviously, in tackling terrorism, resources for the police and security services are paramount".

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