The man accused of murdering Irish woman Jill Meagher has now been charged with three counts of rape in an Australian court.

Melbourne’s Magistrates Court has heard that Adrian Bayley has been charged with two additional counts of raping Meagher.

The 41-year-old was initially charged with one count of rape and one count of murder when he was arrested in September.

His defence lawyer Helen Spowart told the court when Bayley appeared in court in January that he would be fighting the charges; police charged him with two further counts of raping the radio journalist.

Spowart said the evidence of a police forensic scientist who analysed Bayley’s DNA sample would be relevant to those further two charges.

The Age newspaper has reported that Bayley’s legal aid defence team has asked for a copy of the scientist’s notes but the Office of Public Prosecutions told them they would need to get a subpoena.

Drogheda born Meagher was abducted and killed in September.

Spowart confirmed that a subpoena for the notes would be filed on Wednesday. She wants

Bayley’s two-day committal hearing, due to start next Tuesday, delayed so they could have more time to prepare his case.

Bayley also wants an independent expert to analyse the DNA sample in the case and the expert’s report would not be available until the first week of April.

Spowart is also looking for independent reports into other evidence.

Prosecutor Gavin Silbert has opposed the application to delay the committal.

He said only six witnesses were to be called next week and that both police forensic scientists would be available to be cross-examined next Wednesday.

Bayley was also charged with two more rapes in Elwood and Balaclava last year and is also facing another rape charge in St Kilda in 2000.

The accused appeared via videolink from prison during the hearing while Meagher’s husband, Tom, was also in court.

He left court without commenting and was driven away in a police car.

Deputy chief magistrate Felicity Broughton refused the application to delay the contested committal hearing next week.

She said she was satisfied the defence experts would have enough time to inspect the materials they required before the hearing began next Tuesday.

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