The Irish nanny charged in relation to the death of Quincy baby Rehma Sabir has a violent past, according to court papers.

Several newspapers have reported that Aisling McCarthy Brady has been accused of violent behaviour previously.

The Boston Herald
has seen court documents relating to the Irish woman who faces charges relating to the death of a one-year-old.

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Dorchester District court records also show that Brady was arrested, at 23 Sudan Street, in Dorchester, in February 2007, when she was accused of assaulting and beating another woman, described as her roommate.

Brady was arrested along with the roommate and claimed the two were in a fight. The charge was later dismissed.

The paper reports that the 34-year-old has had two restraining orders filed against her, including one filed as recently as March 2012.

David Furey, a former boyfriend, brought a restraining order against the nanny in August 2005.

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He claimed that Brady had threatened his female friends and had also attacked him in a bar because he was talking to a woman. Furey said that Brady hit him with closed fists and repeatedly scraped his face with her fingernails.

A second restraining order was filed in 2012 by Olive Scanlon of Dorchester.

Scanlon also claimed that she began receiving unsolicited phone calls from people looking to set up funeral arrangements for her.

She said Brady posted on a website that she had witnessed Scanlon beating children and claimed Brady harassed her in front of the Irish student.

McCarthy Brady is facing charges of assault and battery causing substantial bodily injury in the death of a child in her care.

Police arrived to the child’s home on Ash Street, in Cambridge, on January 14, to find the child unconscious.

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital, in Boston, found the child to be suffering from subdural and retinal hemorrhaging and cerebral swelling.

The child was pronounced brain dead and subsequently died two days later.

Police say the child had multiple healing bone fractures and injuries consistent with being thrown.

Some reports claim that Cavan native McCarthy Brady is undocumented and will be turned over to immigration officials after the charges are adjudicated but these have been denied.

Brady was ordered held on $500,000 bail at her arraignment in Cambridge District Court Tuesday on the charges related to the death of one-year-old Rehma Sabir.

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Reports say that since the baby died, charges are expected to be upgraded to homicide.

FoxBoston has also reprinted the affidavit’s relating to the two restraining orders. They read:


On March 20, 2005 the defendant intimidated a lady friend of mine for speaking with me and told her to keep away from me or she was going to get hurt. My friend Caroline laughed at her and then she threw an empty beer bottle at her, missing her face. The bouncers then escorted her from the premises.

In May 2009 she made a threatening phone call to another female friend saying to stay clear of me as I belonged to her this person has now left the country. In April of this year she slander another girlfriend calling her a home wrecker and saying that she stole her husband and she was going to pay.

She told me in I think it was April or May of 2009 that I was making her life hell and that she was going to make my life a living hell, and since then every female I talk to gay or straight get abuse from talking.

On mid-June 2005 the defendant attacked me in a bar room for talking to a lady friend. This time hitting me and scraping me in the face with closed fists and her finger nails repeatedly.
I’m afraid of the day that it’s going to be a beer bottle she hits me with or worse.


On or about 5th August 2011, the defendant texted me and accused me of taking her student that was arriving from Ireland in a week.

Sat. 6th Facebook page set up in my name

Sun. 7th Facebook page taken down

Monday 8th text msg from Aisling Brady saying sorry about Friday text msg and she tried to call me, but I didn’t answer her call.

Thurs. 29th Sept. there was a posting on a web site called ******* saying she saw me abusing the kids in the playground.

Monday 17th Oct. 9:20 p.m. a marriage councilor called me to make an appointment.
Aug. 25th Magazine arrived in my name.

Sept. 18th she harassed me in front of the Irish student that were leaving to go home.

Nov. 1st My boss Michael got a harassing phone call about me.

Nov. 2nd she tried to call me and I didn’t answer.

Thurs. 1st March call from ****** called to make funeral arrangement.

Monday 5th March ****** called me to make funeral arrangemen

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