Independent Councillor Michael Kilcoyne from Castlebar, Co. Mayo  wishes to pass a law making the wearing of hoodies illegal and claims that hoodies are restricting the solving of crimes in the area.

Kilcoyne pointed out that he is not the first to suggest this and that some shopping centers and schools in the UK have already taken such action. The councillor wishes to raise the debate with the town councillors and is hoping to pass the law saying, "I want them to consider the measure. There have been a number of incidents where hoodies have been used by criminals to evade identification. This is something that is being raised with me by concerned locals," reports.
Councillor Kilcoyne backed up his case for the banning of hoodies with an example of a recent case where two men were captured on CCTV stealing a van but could not be identified as their hoodies covered their features.

The Councillor believes that shop owners in particular should have the right to refuse someone who is wearing a hoodie and raised the issue at at Joint Policing Committee meeting in Castlebar this week. “Some people were supportive of it,” he said, “others said it needed more discussion but no one disagreed,” reports