'Corned beef and cabbage' was the top-rated search term for St.Patrick’s Day this year according to Google search.

But search terms usually dominate on St.Patrick’s Day had to share search with ‘March madness’ as the basketball tournament kicked off the same day this year. By mid-afternoon on St.Patrick's Day 'March madness' was proving as popular as St.Patrick’s terms.

St.Patrick’s terms were dominant form midday on March 16th to the following mid-afternoon.

The second most sought out term was Irish recipes, with recipes for Irish soda bread and colcannon especially popular.

'Irish blessings and sayings' was the third most popular Irish term for the day with articles on the meaning of the term ‘slainte’ next.

'Shamrocks' was the next most sought after term with 'Guinness' close behind on the google search engine. 'Four-leaf clover' was another a popular term.

The top ten Irish terms were:

1. Corned beef and cabbage
2. Irish recipes
3. Irish blessings
4. Meaning of the word ‘slainte’
5. Shamrock
6. Guinness
7. Four-leaf clover
8. St.Patrick
9. Ireland
10.Shepherd’s pie

Corn beef and cabbage