Youghal, a beach town located on the border between Co Cork and Co Waterford, is one of the five regions in Europe where Americans should consider spending their retirement.

The US News & World Report states “In the current climate of crisis, economies, markets, and values are down as they have not been in decades in some of Europe’s most appealing to spend time and retire.”

They list five European regions where Americans could own their retirement home for less than $100,000.

Kathleen Peddicord lists Youghal, Co Cork as Euro Bargain #3 following Abruzzo, Italy and Estagel, France. The description says, “On the strand of this picturesque seaside town, you can buy a  modern one bedroom, 2000 square foot apartment for [about $64,000] that would put you within walking distance of the beach.” Not bad for retirement in the Emerald Isle. Youghal comes before Cadiz, Spain and Lagos, Portugal. Peddicord is also the author of ‘How to Retire Overseas- Everything You Need to Know To Live Well Abroad for Less” which was recently published by Penguin Books.

Cork isn’t the only place in American retirees’ sight. Co Clare is favored by AARP Magazine. The US publication with a 47 million readership ranks Co Clare as number 6 in the top fifteen favored destinations worldwide. Ireland came out above Thailand, Greece, Portugal, and Mexico.

Unlike the other top European retirement havens, you won’t have to pack sunblock if you retire to Ireland. Youghal, which is located in the Irish Riviera, gets fewer than 70 days of sunshine. Clare gets even less sunshine than Cork. They’re far behind Cadiz, Spain and Abruzzo, Italy which get 300 and 260 days respectively. Also, Ireland is the only European retirement haven that speaks English in Peddicord’s top five Euro Bargains.

It looks like some of the American tourists may really never leave.

The video below shows the cheapest places to retire, including Ireland: