READ MORE- Cork girl walks again after miracle New York treatment

The Irish toddler Megan Malone, who traveled to the U.S. for life saving cancer treatment, has contracted a dangerous blood infection.

The three-year-old showed a drastic improvement on Christmas Day with her family at their new U.S. home. Weeks after she was on her death bed, Megan had begun to walk again much to the relief of his parents John and Shelia.

In a tragic turn, the toddler has suffered a setback and is now fighting a bacterial blood infection.
After spending some time at her new Yonkers home over the holiday period, Megan had to be rushed back to New York Presbyterian Children’s hospital, where she is currently under going an intensive two-week course of antibiotic treatments.

The Malone family from from Cill na Marta, Co Cork moved to New York in December so Megan could be treated for PNET medulloblastoma, a rare aggressive type of cancer that is attacking her brain and spine.

Over the holiday period her parents and siblings Chloe (7), Dylan (5) and newborn Tristan has been delighted to see Megan regain the use of her legs after three months of being bed riddan by her illness.

However, the toddler’s Dad, John, is staying positive that his daughters condition will improve.

"She will need antibiotics for 14 days after the last positive culture but it can be administered during chemo, so I'm hopeful that this will not delay chemo," John told the Herald newspaper.

It is hoped the three-year-old will start her next cycle of chemotherapy this Friday.

"According to our neuro-oncologist, Dr Garvan, Megan is responding very well to treatment.

"Dr Garvan has told me that the fact Megan started walking [on December 21] for the first time indicates that the cancer has receded even more since the last MRI."

"Our wish for 2011 is that Megan will be able to start playschool in Cill na Marta in September, free from disease," John said.

READ MORE- Cork girl walks again after miracle New York treatment