READ MORE- Irish talk show host admits sex act on Aer Lingus flight

Neil Prendeville, the Cork DJ who hit the headlines earlier this month for allegedly masturbating on an Aer Lingis flight, will not be returning to the airwaves for the foreseeable future, his bosses confirmed yesterday.

Kieran McGeary, 96FM chief executive said that the local radio celebrity would not be back on the air until police investigations into the incident were fully completed.

“This step allows both the station and the gardaí to complete their investigations into the matter. I think it is also important that there’s time for Neil and his family to deal with the situation,” said Mr McGeary.

“There’s been an extraordinary amount of public interest in this matter and the station has heard from people expressing concern but it is fair to say we have also had significant support from the public for ourselves and Neil and we are very grateful for all the feedback,” he added.

Following the incident Mr Prendeville made a public apology on-air where he claimed he had no recollection of the incident due to a cocktail of painkillers and alcohol that he consumed prior to boarding the flight.

The radio presenter then took a toxicology test, which proved negative, to prove he was not using drugs.

Gerald Kean, who is representing Mr Prendeville said he had no further comment to make on the incident.

A police spokesperson said their investigation into the matter was ongoing.

READ MORE- Irish talk show host admits sex act on Aer Lingus flight

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