Residents in Eyeries, one of Ireland's most picturesque rural villages, were shocked to discover the "odd sort of fella" living quietly among them was actually a convicted UK killer. 

Gardaí have arrested the 65-year-old convict who was living in a caravan for several months in the west Cork town of Eyeries.

The man had been convicted of a murder in the early 1970s. UK police had sent out an international appeal for help in tracking down the missing murderer who had broken his parole a number of years ago.

When they learned of the man's identity, two officers from Garda headquarters in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, were sent to the caravan alongside members of the Cork West division.

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It is understood that the man was living in a tent prior to his stint in the caravan.

Locals told the Irish Independent that they simply believed the man to be a recluse as he kept to himself and wore only black clothing.

He was known to buy fresh produce at the Fisherman's Co-op in Castletownbere and frequent a local pub on occasion.

 "I just thought that he was only an odd sort of fella," one source told the paper.

"He kept to himself and you'd only see him out at the shops or maybe going for a drink locally.

"You'd see a few foreign people around here who seem to want to get away from it all.

"But we were shocked over the weekend when the word spread that this fella was a convicted English murderer." 

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