Independent Councillor Danny Healy Rae

The controversial Independent politician in Kerry, who made headlines around the world over his relaxed drink driving proposals, intends to oppose a motion supporting gay marriage.

The Irish Examiner reports that Danny Healy-Rae is against equal marriage rights for gay couples as he has “serious concerns’’ about same-sex couples adopting children.

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“I’m not against gay people, or anything like that. That’s their business, but I would be very worried in regard to adoption. If adoption was out of it, it would be a different story altogether,” he said

In the Kerry constituency, a motion has been tabled on the issue by Labour politician Gillian Wharton-Slattery who said she is expecting support from other councilors.

“I will respect their decision, whatever it is. There will be no argument, but I would very much appreciate their support,” Slattery said.

Cork City Council became the first local authority in the country to vote for gay marriage last July, a number of local authorities have since passed similar motions.

In 2012 same-sex civil partnerships accounted for 2 per cent of all unions in the State. The Civil Partnership Bill was passed by the Irish parliament in 2010 and came into force on January 1st, 2011.