ConnectIreland is a new Irish government initiative designed to help drive jobs to Ireland. It was originally created by Terry Clune and was appointed by IDA Ireland, the Irish Government Agency responsible for foreign direct investment into Ireland, to implement the Succeed in Ireland initiative. Both of these initiatives are part of the Irish government’s 2012 Action Plan for jobs.

ConnectIreland’s goal is to create five thousand news jobs in Ireland within the next five years, and they are looking to use your connections with companies who want to expand internationally to do it. If you hear about a company expanding or relocating, and you are the first person to register that company to, not only will you take part in helping Ireland’s economy but you will also get a reward if new jobs are created. With the minimum information of the company name, the website and where the headquarters are located, ConnectIreland will take it from there and work with the company that you register to them to try to create new jobs.

When sitting down with ConnectIreland’s CEO, Michael McLoughlin, he made it clear that his company is all about respecting your relationships and connections with these companies. McLoughlin said that “Connectors trust that we will look after the company and their relationship. We respect the relationship and will try to enhance it, even if they don’t end up choosing Ireland for their company’s plans.”

McLoughlin also made the point of how easy it is for connectors to get involved. After a connector registers a company to their website, ConnectIreland will take over and communicate with the company as well as keep you updated with the process. “We keep engaged and in contact with our connectors. We want to show them how they contributed to the economy of Ireland” said McLoughlin.

As for their success so far, just ten weeks after the company began, over one hundred companies from all over the world were registered online by connectors. ConnectIreland is looking for people to spread the word to Irish organizations in Boston as well as globally to get involved. Any company that is willing to consider Ireland has a chance at contributing to Ireland’s economic recovery as well as a reward for jobs that they create. For more information about ConnectIreland or to register a company, go to