Today, March 20, is World Storytelling Day and why not take part by "putting pen to paper" with IrishCentral Storytellers?

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. However, in this ever digital age what better way to share your or your family's stories than with the IrishCentral Storytellers community?

The Irish are known for being natural-born storytellers, from our rich folklore to our ability to retell a tale and make everyone in the room feel like they were there with us. 

Storytelling is an art form, it brings people together and can also remind us of our heritage and past. We believe that everyone has a story inside of them and IrishCentral Storytellers gives our community a chance to share theirs. 

 IrishCentral Storytellers is a platform that gives you access to our audience, so you can bring your community news, travel inspiration or historical interests to our readers worldwide.

Our community has grown over the last two years and now more than ever, they want to connect with all things Irish. They also realize the importance of community support. Connecting the Irish Diaspora is at the heart of everything IrishCentral does. 

Whether you’ve wonderful news about events going on in your own Irish community, a passion for Irish history, or tales of travel or genealogy in Ireland you want to share, through IrishCentral Storytellers you have direct access to the Irish worldwide.

Want some inspiration? Our storytellers this month have shared stories from Dublin sisters dancing in the Moulin Rouge in Paris to the life of an Irish Sahara desert explorer

IrishCentral brings Ireland to you and today we would love to see you bring your storytelling abilities to your worldwide Irish community this National Tell a Story Day.

Read more and sign up to the IrishCentral Storytellers community here.