The Long Hall Podcast, Irish America’s newest podcast, is set to interview top US immigration attorney Lorcan Shannon on its show this week and has put a call out for IrishCentral readers to get involved.

Presenters Michael Dorgan and Johnny Kennedy are looking for IrishCentral readers to send in their visa questions ahead of the podcast and Lorcan Shannon will answer their queries on the show.

COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty for non-immigrant US visa holders as well as those who are going through the visa application process.

The pandemic has disrupted immigration services and proceedings within the United States and several visa types have been put on hold by the Trump administration, the most impactful being the L, H, and J-1 non-immigrant visas. 

The H1-B visa in particular is causing a headache for Irish workers in the United States due to frequent changes and executive orders during the pandemic.  

The Green Card process, which can be a complicated process under normal circumstances, has also been interrupted. 

Shannon, a New York-based US immigration attorney who has been practicing US immigration law for the last 10 years, will provide listeners with the latest developments surrounding the L, H, and J-1 non-immigrant visas and Green Cards.

A segment of the podcast will focus entirely on the Green Card process.

“One of the reasons we started The Long Hall Podcast was to discuss the US visa situation,” said presenter Michael Dorgan, who was previously a writer for IrishCentral.

“There are so many different visas types that people can find the process daunting and challenging.”

“When we touched on visas in earlier podcasts we received plenty of feedback from listeners wanting to shed more light on the process.”

“COVID-19 has thrown an already complicated process up in the air and it has left people with uncertainty and facing difficult choices. 

“Lorcan Shannon has a tremendous reputation here in New York and readers will get a chance to tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for people who may be in limbo and are looking for some direction.”

The Long Hall Podcast is appealing to Irish Central readers to send in their immigration questions for Lorcan ahead of the podcast.  Readers can submit questions to or in the IrishCentral comments section, below.

The podcast will be released the week of August 3. 

About the Long Hall Podcast

New York based duo Michael Dorgan and Johnny Kennedy interview inspiring Irish immigrants, renowned Irish personalities and discuss topical Irish American issues.

Cork-born Michael Dorgan is a journalist who has written for the Irish Examiner, Irish Times, and Irish Central covering a wide range of topics including news, sports, and politics.

Dublin man Johnny Kennedy immigrated to New York 20 years ago and co-owns The Long Hall Pub & Grocery on East 34th Street in Manhattan. The venue has become a popular sports bar for Irish people garnering the nickname “New York’s GAA Headquarters.”

The duo met when Dorgan was interviewing GAA president-elect Larry McCarthy in The Long Hall in late 2019. They felt that tapping into the stories and experiences of other popular Irish characters that come through the doors would make for interesting listening.

The Long Hall Podcast launched earlier this year and episodes have featured top Irish fashion blogger Louise Cooney, five-time All-Ireland football winner with Dublin Jack McCaffrey and the Aisling Irish Center’s Sandra Feeney-Charles, who was part of the Slainte 2020 fundraiser this summer. 

Other podcasts have featured former Cork football legend Larry Tompkins who played in New York for several years in the 1980s, former Galway All-Ireland hurling winner Johnny Glynn and a sit down with former Kerry GAA County Board Chairman, Pat O’Sullivan to discuss New York GAA - a podcast which generated national news in Ireland, see here and here

You can learn more about The Long Hall Podcast on its website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Hosts Michael Dorgan and Johnny Kenny chat with a guest (Picture courtesy of The Long Hall Podcast)

Hosts Michael Dorgan and Johnny Kenny chat with a guest (Picture courtesy of The Long Hall Podcast)

About Lorcan Shannon

Lorcan Shannon is a New York-based US immigration attorney who has been practicing US immigration law for the last 10 years through his law firm The Law Offices of Lorcan Shannon.

The firm has expertise in nonimmigrant and immigrant visa solutions for clients from various industries and backgrounds. They provide expert advice and assistance on O-1, E-2, E-3, L, H-1B, H-3, J-1, F-1, K, TN, and B visas, as well as immigrant visas.

The firm specializes in providing immigration counsel to entrepreneurs, investors, specialized employees, and multinational managers from a range of industries as well as artists, performers, and athletes.

The Law Offices of Lorcan Shannon provide personal service to all clients in order to guide them through the immigration process successfully.

Submit your visa questions for immigration lawyer Lorcan Shannon in the comments, below!