A County Meath mom has been left homeless by Storm Eleanor.

Navan resident Mary Dardis was watching the television as the storm howled outside her cottage when she heard an almighty crash:  it was a tree tumbling through her roof, swiftly followed by a second.

“I heard an almighty bang and a huge crack,” Dardis told the Irish Times.

“I ran into my room and lay at the side of my bed for about 20 minutes before I mustered up the courage to go back to the lounge and get my phone to ring my family.

“Two trees had landed on my house from either side blocking the front and back doors so I was locked inside.”

Despite being devastated by the loss of so many treasured family possessions, Dardis is grateful that she herself wasn’t injured. At least four people in Ireland were injured by falling trees, 150,000 homes were left without power and Galway City suffered “unprecedented flooding”.

Floods in Salthill Galway this evening @GalwayLatinQtr @JOEdotie @Herdotie pic.twitter.com/ty6OdfrtX6

— Galway Latin Quarter (@GalwayLatinQtr) January 2, 2018

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For the time being, Dardis is staying with her daughter, Melissa, and her son, Colum, has already started the repairs.

Like many in Ireland, Dardis felt there wasn’t enough warning ahead of Storm Eleanor.

"Everyone was told to batten down the hatches for Storm Ophelia and no one really said anything about Storm Eleanor, which I thought was much worse," she added.

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